Wednesday, 2 May 2012

The Woodpecker

Last July, in the intensity of heat and fire in the Okanagan, a 22 year old woman drowned in Enderby River. She was a friend of mine and a life long friend of my bestie. Larissa's departure from this realm to a more ethereal existence was so shocking and confusing and still deeply affects everyone who knew her. But we are healing, as she wants us all to. When it first happened, my bestie was transformed. In that transformation she searched for answers to her mounting questions, most of them turning back to the agonizing 'why?'. Along her search she came across an amazing book entitled Animal Speak.

Larissa enjoying the Okanagan
Animal Speak is an Indigenous perspective on the power and messages inherent in the wisdom of animal totems. As a true animal lover I have always been drawn to the idea that animals are connected to specific people for specific reasons. They carry within them great knowledge and wisdom and it is those who choose to see this wisdom that will benefit from the messages they carry. My bestie began noticing so many different creatures interacting with her on a daily basis. Every time she turned to this book she was astounded to find so many truths in the words describing the animal she was searching. In the animal that was searching for her.

A couple of months ago it became apparent that one of my animal totems is the wolf. As a fiercely independent person I was surprised to have a totem that was so much a pack related animal. Cats seemed more my direction. But in learning what the wolf totem represented and taking in to consideration where I was going and where I needed to be, the wolf was exactly what I needed to focus on. And it amazed me how much it helped conquer a lot of fears and insecurities through channeling the energy of the wolf.
Home workspace
 Today, as I sat at my desk writing, the babe asleep in her bed, I suddenly heard the faint tap, tap, tap, tap of something. I paused, listening again. Surely, there it was. Tap, tap, tap, tap. Very fast, like your heartbeat after a run. I opened the window and listened closely to the unmistakeable sound of a woodpecker, busily making a home or searching for food. Busy living life and surviving. At first, I thought nothing of it. And then I remembered the wolf, and I remembered Animal Speak, and I was sure there was something being said here. Out came the book. And it told me things I was already feeling and in many ways, already wanting.

It told me that the woodpecker represents new rhythms in your life and to embrace the power of change. To let go and listen to the sounds you are hearing and to follow their movement.

Window to the future

So here I am, following my desire to share with the world, to reach out and be embraced by people everywhere. Here I am sending out a tap, tap, tap, tap saying hello, welcome, and listening to the hum of new rhythms.

Have you ever noticed certain animals making their presence known in your life? Do you have an animal totem that helps you understand yourself and your path in life?

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