Saturday, 11 August 2012

Bye Bye Canada, Hello America

Monday was a full day of bike riding and city exploring in Vancouver. We tried out a bike seat with Lennon and she loved it. Boy is it ever easier than dealing with a 30 lb trailer dragging behind your bike. We will get one for Santa Monica so me and the babe can rip around town and I won't suffer too much from the hills. On Tuesday, we spent time recuperating and socializing with family and friends before our big roadtrip to our new home in the states. It was great to see people and sad to say goodbye to those we love so much. Lennon was sad to say bye to her closest friend Myla and asks for her almost every day. Its heartbreaking. I didn't photograph our day Tuesday. I was tired. Please forgive me. But I did get a lot of great shots of all of our fun on Monday being biking tourists in Vancouver's always enchanting Stanley Park.

Monday - Biking Stanley Park

Wednesday - Seattle, Washington, USA

The drive down across the border took longer than expected as the border crossing guards made us park and go in to their desk, wait in a huge line up, all to talk to them for 4 minutes before they accepted our already approved visa. Guess they needed to feel like they were in control. This pushed our timing back so we ended up hitting Seattle traffic as we drove in and by the time Lennon finished swimming (an hour and a half later) and eating dinner, the only touring around we could do was in the late evening. I will say though that Seattle has more theatres than I have seen in any of the other cities I have been too. Which of course makes it popular in my books. We wish we could have explored more but the time we got to spend in Portland made up for it. More on that adventure later.

Bye Canada

Hello Freeways

Seattle in the distance

Arriving at the hotel in Seattle

I have been quite delayed in posting but between driving and dealing with Lennon and exploring new cities, there has barely been time to sleep let alone post. I'm starting to notice a no sleep trend going on in my life. Maybe I like it. Maybe....

Monday, 6 August 2012

Firework Craziness and Pride Celebrations

I'm going to admit it, we have been having an awesome time visiting here in Vancouver. Even though the majority of my family is away and I have only visited briefly with them and friends, the time we have spent together as a family, out enjoying events and the gorgeous weather, has been fulfilling. Just what we need before we head out on our big roadtrip through the western States to Southern California. 

On Saturday we spent time down at English Bay swimming, making sandcastles, and then of course, roaming the closed off streets of the West End waiting and watching as thousands congregated for the half hour firework display. Len loved the music and dancing but was immediately terrified as soon as the firework tests went off. I strapped her to my front in the Ergo and we sauntered back to the hotel. Fortunately, we could watch the show from our patio on the 31st floor. Len stayed strapped to me the whole time, hiding and peaking out from behind the straps.

Saturday, August 4 - Beach Livin' and Fireworks

Len loved the beach!

English Bay
Party Baby


Nursing, of course

Sweet little scaredy cat

We slept in Sunday morning and slowly made our way down to Denman Street, which was closed off for the parade. Again, Len loved all of the people and noise but once the parade started and people were ripping around on bikes, she became my little velcro baby again. It was very sweet and endearing. She perked up easier than the night before and eventually danced and laughed away until she needed to sleep. The parade went on for most of the day and we intermittently watched it from our patio. What an awesome location we found ourselves in!

Sunday, August 5th - Pride Parade

View from our patio

Ready for Pride!

Len really liked the horses

In case you forgot about the police...

Bert and Ernie came out!


Don't worry, this is against a window!

Rocking bikers Len was scared of.

Finish the night with some pool jumping and an epic tantrum. Oh well.

Continuing the rest of our time here with more fun and adventures. Hope everyone is well and surviving the heat.