Thursday, 21 June 2012

Big Decisions Call for Big Action

Well, we did it. We conquered our fears and eased other's concerns and decided we are going to move to California! And while we aren't the types to dive head first into things, there seems no other way to approach such a monumentally huge change.

Still, all change is a process and this process may be slow, or it could be fast. Too many variables are at play here and it is literally impossible for us to know the outcome. For now, the visa process will start and that pretty much determines everything. Because James is a freelancer, he doesn't have to worry about giving and completing two weeks notice. Most of his clients will follow him wherever he goes. He will slowly finish up projects as he eases into working full time at a studio again. Once the visas are completed, we just have to find a place to live and move. As I've mentioned before, I'm not very patient so I do hope this doesn't take forever!

The other thing is that we have to be out of our current home for July 31st. Which is just 5 weeks away! If everything falls perfectly into place, we won't have to move twice. Otherwise we may find ourselves with a period of time where we are floating. My preposition is to do a road trip down to Cali, stopping in Seattle, Portland, San Fran and then finally arriving in our new home, Santa Monica. Wow, that sounds really weird and totally awesome. It's ok to feel jealous, I know I would!

But before we actually get to that stage, we have SO much stuff to do. Here is an idea of what needs to be done in the next 5 weeks:

1) Find homes for the pets
2) Find homes for the plants
3) Change over all bank accounts
4) Cancel and figure out phones
5) Clean out and declutter belongings
6) Pack entire Canadian existence
7) Find a place to live in Santa Monica
8) Physically move out of current house
9) Move into new house in AMERICA!
10) Hope there is time to say goodbye to friends and family
11) Maybe sleep, but probably not

Anyone want to come sort and pack this for me?!

Still breaks me heart to say goodbye to these two, but it is the best decision for them. 

Sweet plants that also need new homes. Sad to see these guys go too.
I've started already. Because that's how I roll. Baby steps will hopefully get me where I need to be. Pray my head doesn't explode in the process. Also, any and all help is greatly appreciated.

This is such an exciting process to finally be beginning. I wish there was a bit more time for me to be working on my poetry manuscript. Oh well, summer never was a very creative time for me. Too much to enjoy!

Well, better go sort through my heaps of winter clothes. Bon voyage everyone!

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