Thursday, 14 June 2012


I’m so lost in my own little confusion bubble and I’m finding it so difficult to talk about it and even harder to write about it. Apologies for disappearing. I’m beginning to realize I do that often and need to stop. Note to self: don’t be such a flake.

Anyways, the issue at hand is, in a nutshell, where my family will be living and what work my man will be doing, as well as what I will doing too, because of course they are all intrinsically connected. James has been offered a job in Santa Monica, California. It would pretty much be a perfect fit for him: exactly what he wants to be working on, a seemingly chill environment, steady income and full benefits. Sounds totally perfect right? Except as Canadians, this would mean a pretty substantial culture change. Yes, we are neighbours, but no doubt about it (said with token Canadian accent) there are differences in our economic, political and cultural paradigms. A change isn’t bad though! And what a wicked experience to know what its like to live as an American even if only for a couple of years.

Not to mention, Santa Monica is an amazingly beautiful place that I have been lucky to have spent time in. The chance to access the food available, the sunshine, the culture, surfing! Holy, sounds like paradise.

We have decided that if we go, which it seems we very well might, if everything falls in to place with applications and bureaucratic escapades, our sweet cats deserve to stay here. OH it BREAKS my heart to even write it!!! I know, too much melodrama, but its how I feel. They are so precious to me. But Claudio especially must have access to outside. We will look for places close to James’ office which is located close to the beach, in quite an urban set up. Not Claudio friendly. Bean of course is content either way, although I do believe she is happier and more manageable when outside. Master Chief is my little cling on pet who will probably outlive everyone and nip at ankles for an eternity. He will come along.

Lily Bean
Master Chief
Experience of a lifetime. Fur baby separation. Culture shock. Isolation. Local food deliciousness. Sweet sunshine. Bye bye snow.

Kelowna, BC
Oh my. The decision is heavy and I feel it building in my solar plex. Both me and Lennon are learning lessons in patience. To the future, where ever that may be.

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