Sunday, 2 September 2012

The End of Our Journey, Or Just the Beginning

Life has been mental! I'm talking we moved to LA, are pregnant with baby number 2, James is working for Activision, and we still are living out of suitcases mental. So please forgive my tardiness in finishing up our roadtrip photo journal down here. This will be the last of the photos from our adventure. Let's just say, it was eventful. This life we are leading is very eventful. But hopefully I can muster time to keep everyone satisfied with updates from our crazy LA life.

From Portland, Oregon all the way to Santa Monica, California

On route to Portland



This, and another WHOLE ROW of poetry!!!

Shopping for accessories

Intriguing, tell me more!

Entering Coos Bay, Oregon

First beaches in Cali

San Francisco, obviously

Fisherman's Wharf

Ventura,  California


Check back next week for more information on baby number 2, our move in day and plans, and some seriously stunning photos and anecdotes of our first 2 weeks living the life in California.

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