Wednesday, 14 November 2012

365 Days Outside

In past years, living in the north has meant almost eight months of grey skies, snowy parks, and cold, cold noses. But I made it my priority last year to not let this reality of Northern living keep me inside. And so every day, as inspired by a friend on Instagram, I would take Lennon for a daily nature walk. Sometimes we would go all out in our winter clothes and play at the park until we had no choice but to go inside. We visited the mountains and had an amazing time of fresh air and powder snow with family and friends. Other times, when it was really cold out, or had been a rough night, we would just walk around the block, at least breathing in some fresh air and changing our scenery.

Then we moved here. Life seemed to be slowly unravelling as we adapted to life with a work out of the house daddy, a serious lack of friends and family, and a newly pregnant and very sick mama. Some days I just wanted to lay in bed and sleep away all of my bad feelings. We did spend more time inside than we were used to. Instead of making me feel better, it made me feel worse. Slow and lazy as we sat on the couch watching more TV than we were used to watching. Then Lennon realized that where we are living is fantastic. The houses are gorgeous and unique, cactus growing all over the place, huge and energy fuelled trees that were breaking free of their concrete shackles all along the roadways. Parks full of people, playing and running and biking and enjoying the fact that here, the sun shines almost 330 days a year and winter is a mild fall compared to what we are used to. I couldn't deny her going outside anymore.

And then it dawned on me, after what felt like the longest weekend of stress, that what I actually need most of all, is to get outside. Everyday. Not just every other day. So many of our tasks and goals get put ahead of our innate need to enjoy the plants, the animals, the ocean and the mountains. Everything else could wait while me and my girl got outside and enjoyed the beauty of this world instead of hiding behind a virtual reality.

Today, on our first bike ride since moving here, I realized that we need to do this everyday. Even if only for half an hour, we need to step outside of our responsibilities and remember how amazing the world outdoors truly is. I challenge you to join me, regardless of where you live, to get outside everyday for half an hour or more and turn off your technology and just look around. Enjoy the world. Enjoy 365 days outside with me!


  1. I'm in!
    I am not much of a winter person but I think I might get some snowshoes and try something new.

    Thanks for the push.

  2. Yes Erin!! I totally agree. Freshness and peace of mind are to be found in the cool autumn breeze, in the whispers of trees, or just in the sound of feet hitting the sidewalk as your body comes alive in the mid-day sun! Thanks for sharing...