Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Six years ago I went on a first official date with my husband. We had already known each other for four years and had once upon a 14 year old life had a long distance MSN fling. It didn’t amount to much but when our lives crossed paths again years later, we tried to make an honest go of what seemed like a perfect fit. 

I had traveled from Vancouver to Kelowna to visit for about a week. We both got dolled up to go out to one of our now favourite Greek restaurants in Kelowna. The date was going so well, we talked about quantum physics, music, the past and stared at each other the entire time. When we went to pay our bill, the waitress told us someone had already paid it for us. We were shocked and asked who? She said Oh don’t you recognize anyone here? It was pretty busy but looking around we realized that we knew no one in the restaurant. Our dinner easily cost over 60 dollars. An older couple had been sitting near to us and left right before we did, so we have our suspicions that it may have been them. Either way, it was such a wonderfully kind gesture and a true affirmation that this love was going somewhere amazing.

Like usual, we went to a movie after and cuddled/ I tried to make out with James the entire time but he is a serious movie watcher who wouldn’t give in. 

Celebrating LA style

Today is the 6 year anniversary of that first official date. We have grown together so much, graduating university and college, living together, having children and finally getting married just this June. Now, we live in a totally different country with our silly two year old, our second daughter due in April, and our first Christmas alone as a family approaching. Still, to celebrate our first date night this year we found ourselves out for sushi and followed up by a movie. I guess somethings never change.

I love you my sweet man and father of my children. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I can’t wait to grow old with you!

Married June 30, 2012

Terminator walking through an orchard on our wedding day, typical

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